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Sibenik - Dalmatia

Embraced by the Adriatic Sea and the mighty Dinara, the part of Dalmatia around Šibenik will amaze you with its national parks, magnificent rivers, and spectacular locations.


Welcome to the land of grandiose forts, pearly waterfalls, and Faust Vrančić – the flying man. The Šibenik region will turn you into an adventure novel hero ready to discover the highest mountain peaks in Croatia, the smallest islands in the Adriatic, and stone structures boasting traces of rich history.

Split is the second largest city of Croatia, the largest city in Dalmatia and the largest city on the Croatian coast. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings.

Zadar - Dalmatia

Imagine the best sunsets, endless sandy beaches, authentic cuisine, and traces of ancient civilizations. The Zadar region of Dalmatia has it all, making it the perfect destination for all seasons.


This breathtaking landscape also inspired one of the most esteemed film directors in history, Alfred Hitchcock, who declared the sunset in Zadar to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The best way to enjoy this sun show is by visiting the unique Greeting to the Sun monument and listening to the magical song of the waves performed by the Sea Organ. Your cinematic experience will be complete once you feel the pulse of the city that has been attracting crowds of visitors for centuries. Traces of diverse cultures will show you the soul of the old town located on a peninsula.


"Wonderful holiday thanks to all the crew"
Dave - Frimley

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