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Zadar is both an atmospheric time machine and an open-air museum. The city is home to some of the most beautiful monuments of architecture and cultural heritage on the eastern Adriatic coast.
It is also the base for our wonderful Mini Cruises, day trips and Floating Accommodation.

Ever since the first records, Zadar has been one of the most important cities on the Eastern Adriatic coast, and an inevitable destination for adventurers, poets and writers. 
With every step you take, its streets, squares, the seafront, churches and monumental heritage unveil its antiquity and continuity, whilst new buildings show the vision of modernity and inspire new travellers. Three thousand years ago, the foundations were laid, and the adventure continues.​

Several city beaches surround the city and turn it into an outdoor bathhouse. The Kolovare beach with its bays and city seawater pool is only a few steps away from the city centre, while
the Zadar seafront called Riva, known for its beauty and purity, is not only the place for summer events, but also a favourite promenade and bathing spot


Zadar’s city walls are the ancient guardians of this still vibrant historic city and they are on the  UNESCO's World Heritage List. Here are some of the many attractions you can see:​

The floor plan of the Stomorica Church in Zadar resembles a key, and according to tradition it symbolizes St Peter's keys​

The Rector's Palace is a cultural monument, whose historical sources date back to the 13th century.

The world-famous Sea Organ,  is located right next to another modern institution, the Greeting to the Sun. The sounds that the Sea Organ produces are a result of the release of sea energy,
or rather waves and tides.


Nightlife in Zadar begins, and often ends in Varoš. This picturesque part of the old town is an oasis for visitors.

This most charming part of the city with buildings built closely together, in addition to a life that never ceases, has a large selection of top restaurants, dynamic coffee bars
and cult places for socializing.

It is impossible to truly experience the genuine Mediterranean without its flavours, colours and scents. 

It is difficult to resist the charm and gastronomic offer of Zadar restaurants, picturesque taverns and bistros with homemade food.

Foša is a municipal little harbour in Zadar and one of the symbols of the city




It's an experience. How many times do you get a hostel on a boat? And the peeps are great. Lovely atmosphere at and around the boat.

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